Paddle for Dyslexia Awareness

"I have lived my life with Dyslexia, not knowing I had it till my wife and I had our oldest son diagnosed. If it were not for my wife and her background and passion for education my son may have spent his life wondering what was wrong and I would have never known. For me I believe that the struggles I endured through my school life, led to my own substance abuse and depression. The goal of an advocate is to help others and to prevent others from the same problems you have endured. (that is my interpretation) I will be attempting to raise awareness of dyslexia and doing everything I can to change the training of teachers in Australia. Teachers are the most valuable resource in the identification and education of Dyslexic children. Reading and writing are a minimum exception of children in Australia and around the world no matter of race, religion or economic back ground."

Scott F. Petrie

We are delighted to be part of Scott's amazing vision to promote awareness for dyslexia Scott is dedicated to raising awareness of dyslexia through his kayaking adventures. The Dyslexie font logo features on the final shirt design for Scott’s August paddle from Townsville to Cairns in Australia . We wish him great success!

'Paddle for Dyslexia Awareness' is dedicated to raising awareness of dyslexia through kayaking adventures.
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