Maiden in Disguise, Volume 1: Nerds of the A.V. Club

This is the first book in my on-going comic Maiden in Disguise.

Maiden in Disguise (or MiD if you will) Is centered around the life of Elianna Adelaide, A young freshman gamer girl nicknamed Eli by her Father. She was born in the small city of Linwood Theta to her parents Weston Ronald Adelaide & Lili Amber Adelaide.

She attends Linwood Theta Tek High School as a freshman in the year 1813 and Elianna is ranked as the #1 gaming champion in the virtual world! But she is having some trouble in the real world of Eotera. Eli has always had a hard time making friends and talking to people in general. She is small shy and awkward, not to mention the only thing she is any good at is playing her favorite video game the hit MMORPG Legend of Worlds. But this year she decided that she will force herself to make some friends!

Maiden in Disguise is a cute gamers slice of life romantic comedy, written and illustrated by Bitsy Tandem. Bitsy started creating comics and manga professionally in 2015. Even though she was antisocial and bad at drawing, that didn't stop her from drawing the beginnings of Maiden in Disguise and soon falling in love with the world she made.

MiD is written in Dyslexie Font to support and raise awareness for people that have dyslexia.

My Goal Is to bring more entertainment into this world that is inspiring and uplifting to young people of all sorts. I want my comics to encourage forgiveness and acceptance. Teaching people how to be more understanding by showing how my comic characters use the 'judgment of charity' when dealing with conflict. I Support and raise awareness for people that, like myself, have dyslexia. A disorder that involves having difficulty in interpreting words, letters, and other symbols, but that dose not affect general intelligence. I do this by using Dyslexie Font, a font made specifically to aid in reading for people how have dyslexia.
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