03 Tim and his Sisters - Written by Susan Spelic and Illustrated by Cassandra Storm D.

Tim has a big sister and a little sister. They like to go camping and fishing. Tim is surprised by something in the water!

‘Tim and his Sisters’ has language that helps to teach the short ‘i’ sound as in the words; ‘Tim, sister, Pip, Jill, fish, and in’.

At The Reading Mountain, we aim to empower, support and engage young reluctant and dyslexic readers as they learn to read.

Product Details:

Audience: Children aged 4-7 
Text Type: Semi-Decodable graphic novel and chapter book with supportive illustrations. Perfect for guided reading and small group reading at school; reading on an tablet at home or at school; or cuddling up with a book at home.


Home Reader: 
4 Chapters
41 Pages (formatting is expanded over two pages) 
Closed Book Dimensions are: 220mm x 165mm
Available for purchase at www.TheReadingMountain.org

4 Chapters
21 Pages (content is the same as printed books) 
Available for iBooks, Android, Mac and PC. 
Available for purchase at www.TheReadingMountain.org

Audio-book version release date to be confirmed.

All images are Copyright of The Reading Mountain Pty Ltd. 2017.


The Reading Mountain®, founded by Reading Advocate and author Susan Spelic, is an exciting new company based in Melbourne, Australia. We are a team of experienced, knowledgeable and creative reading and illustration professionals. We have a love of books, reading and all things imaginative and supportive. The Reading Mountain® values the importance of phonics, explicit instruction, multisensory learning, play and the development of happy and independent young readers.
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