04 The Problem - Written by Susan Spelic and Illustrated by Cassandra Storm D.

Tommy and Oscar, his big scruffy dog, go for a jog on a hot day. Tommy can not find his dog! Where is Oscar?

‘The Problem’ has language that helps to teach the short ‘o’ sound as in the words; ‘log, Tommy, jog, on, and not’.

At The Reading Mountain, we aim to empower, support and engage young reluctant and dyslexic readers as they learn to read.

Product Details:

Audience: Children aged 4-7 
Text Type: Semi-Decodable graphic novel and chapter book with supportive illustrations. Perfect for guided reading and small group reading at school; reading on an tablet at home or at school; or cuddling up with a book at home.


Home Reader: 
5 Chapters
47 Pages (formatting is expanded over two pages) 
Closed Book Dimensions are: 220mm x 165mm
Available for purchase at www.TheReadingMountain.org

5 Chapters
24 Pages (content is the same as printed books) 
Available for iBooks, Android, Mac and PC. 
Available for purchase at www.TheReadingMountain.org

Audio-book version release date to be confirmed.

All images are Copyright of The Reading Mountain Pty Ltd. 2017.


The Reading Mountain®, founded by Reading Advocate and author Susan Spelic, is an exciting new company based in Melbourne, Australia. We are a team of experienced, knowledgeable and creative reading and illustration professionals. We have a love of books, reading and all things imaginative and supportive. The Reading Mountain® values the importance of phonics, explicit instruction, multisensory learning, play and the development of happy and independent young readers.
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