1 Hush That Hullabaloo! Dyslexic Font

Hush That Hullabaloo! is a rollicking, rhyming, read-aloud set in Scotland, full of Scottish words that will delight readers as they repeat the catchy phrases and imitate a Scottish brogue. Grandpa Goose is grouchy as the lads and lassies make a mess in his "hoose" and lots of noise—a hullabaloo! Grandma soothes him with the refrain, 
"Wheesht, wheesht, 
 It's only the wee ones. 
 Wheesht, wheesht, 
 Only the wee ones." 
Can you figure out what the hullabaloo is all about before Grandpa Goose does? 
The story includes a list of Scottish words, pronunciations, and meanings.
MacLaren-Cochrane Publishing based in Northern CA. We are specializing in offering all our books in dyslexic font. We create beautiful works that help children discover the beautiful world of reading. Our books teach tolerance, show that diversity is a beautiful thing and that everyone has a story. To create a book that can teach and inspire at the same time. This dyslexic font is a great step forward in helping people that struggle from dyslexia. We are proud to offer this version in all the books we make.
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