Mamma mamma, ég sé land

„Mother, mother I see land!“ is a new icelandic book for children, published in Iceland the 8th. of March 2017.
It is still available only in Icelandic.
In it the story of the 9 years old Völu-Steinn and his mother, the settler Thuridur sundafyllir unfolds, when they, in the middle of the 10th century AD. embark upon a  great sailing trip all the way from the north of Norway to a little cove in the Westfjords in Iceland, later to be called Bolungarvík.

We follow them on their exciting trip on an open sailing ship, crossing treacherous seas, with people, food, animals and all kinds of necessities on board, all to start a new life as settlers in a new place in Iceland.
This story will give children a vivid insight in how it was to sail the ocean, when there were no signs but stars, streams, wind and birds to help sailers to find their way.
The book was coauthored by the social entrepreneurs Guðrún Stella Gissurardóttir and Soffía Vagnsdóttir and illustrated by Nina Ivanova.