A to Z Animals by Creative Florence

Hi. My name is Creative Florence, but you can call me Flo for short. I am an Illustrator and Graphic Designer. 
Welcome to my book of ink, texture, colour and fun. This is my first Animal alphabet picture book. Each letter of the alphabet has been given an animal, and each of the animals has a name. I have used a font Dyslexie throughout. If you find reading and writing difficult like me, this font will help you. Don’t worry to much about the words as the alphabet animals will help you get from A to Z. My aim for this book was to make it inclusive for all young children and for adults to smile as they turn the pages. I had a fantastic time illustrating these animals. The size of the book is 297mm x 297mm Square.

Flo Woolgar Barrington Illustrator and Graphic Designer
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