Happy Hunting

What do you do when you wake up feeling sad or mad or just plain bad? Liza isn’t sure. So when her mom suggests she go out and hunt for her happy, Liza decides it’s worth a try. She soon discovers her happiness really can be found here, there and everywhere. May you always know where to find YOUR happy!
Sandy works as a professional Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Owner of Redsand Creative. He combines his degree in psychology with his passion for creative writing and design. Maria is a former teacher and therapist. She has worked with children and youth within schools, hospitals, mental health centres and private practice for over two decades.When not creating, Sandy and Maria find their happys while hiking, biking or skiing on mountains, paddling and playing on lakes, doing yoga in their little home studio or lying around reading clever books and eating great food. Visit them at redsandkids.com for many fun and inspiring materials for kids.
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