My Languages, A Multilingual Folder

My Languages, My Multilingual Folder

We proudly present a wonderful activity book for children to work on their language skills. Children can use this folder at school or at home to start learning a new language, English, for example. 
At the same time, by using this activity book they will become aware of their multilingual skills. The aim is to encourage spontaneous language learning and to make sure that children have fun during the process.

By using “My Languages” children will be able to reflect on and follow their progress. The folder is a constantly changing document that portrays the child's language learning. Teachers can use this folder in many ways. The activity book can be used during lessons, but there is no fixed way of using it. It is up to the teacher to decide how to use it to promote language learning. Children who want to be challenged more or start learning a new language can also do all the activities.

Suitable for ages 8 - 14

The Language Company werkt samen met Obs Stedeke om de verkoop van dit boek mogelijk te maken. My Languages in ontwikkeld tijdens Europese onderwijsconferenties, waar de schrijvers elkaar ontmoet hebben.
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