The Little Girl Who is Very Good at Spells, but Who Can't Spell Well!

This story is all about a little girl who is very good at casting spells, but cannot spell well.
What Kitty doesn't realise is that she is Dyslexic.  She has a tough time for a while but then learns, with the help of 'The Prof' to identify what it is that she is good at and to focus on this.

With her friends, Kitty learns more about what she is good at, where her talents are.  She learns how to play the 'Smile game', the 'Cloud-watching game' and the 'Confidence Bubble Game'  with her friends.  As Kitty and her friends learn to play these games, their confidence, self-esteem and how they see themselves and their friends changes for the better.

I weave NLP and fun games into my book so that children can identify what they are good at, which helps to grow self-esteem and confidence.  

I write books to entertain, educate and help children to identify what it is that they are good at and most of all to have fun.My books are woven with NLP techniques and kind words to enable children to grow, learn and to have confidence, high self esteem and faith in themselves.
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