Spell Block Academy

Your hunger for knowledge and natural talent have led you here to Spell Block Academy – the pre-eminent School of Magic. The first lesson that Magicians learn is that the command of language is the key to shaping the world around them.

As a Magus-in-Training, you will be provided with the tools you can use to enhance your magical vocabulary. The Spell Blocks are the key! Spell Blocks will sharpen your familiarity and recognition of the words that will shape your destiny. The more you play, the more you'll learn!

Spell Block Academy is a irreverent, magical-themed spelling/puzzle game. The gameplay is focused on the recognition and spelling of high-frequency sight words. The game dictionary and challenge level can be configured for any primary school year level, allowing the game to assist a broad range of students.

Do you have what it takes to claim the staff of the Ultra-Magus? Enter the SpellBlock Vortex and begin your training.